Stock Room Assistant

Job No: NIC466
Location: Nottingham

Stock Room Assistant

12 to 16 hours per week

National Minimum Wage + 12.07% holiday pay for each hour worked


With 4 stores across the UK, Ice Locker is the number one stop for ice hockey skates, sticks and equipment plus the latest ice figure skates, ice sports equipment and accessories.


We are looking for a Stock Room Assistant to join our Ice Locker Retail team in our Nottingham Store which is situated at the National Ice Centre (NG1 1LA). 


You will assist the Ice Locker Retail Team in ensuring that our stock room is always perfectly organised.


Ice Locker has a high turnover of stock coming in and out of the stock room each week and the Stock Room Assistant will be responsible for organising any new stock that comes in, identifying old stock to be put on sale, organise clothing into size order whilst clearly labelling what is where to make it easier for Ice Locker Retail staff to find the right products quickly.


Ideally, you will have a knowledge of hockey equipment and be able to fit skates and be comfortable to be a key holder for the shop.


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